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Here's some FAQ's

I've never tried this before, I don't think I can even do a pull up, will I get anything out of this? 

Absolutely! There are SO many things to learn and the ability to do a pull up is not needed, that will come with practice and time.  The same goes for flexibility and grace.

What do I wear?

I recommend leggings that go at least below the knee and either a tank top or fitted tee shirt.  Bare foot is preferred.

Stay away from lathering up in lotion beforehand, it will be tough to use your grip.

Jewelry is not the best idea either, make sure to bring a bag to keep it in or leave it at home.

Can we take pictures?

YES, but not during class.  I set time aside after class for pictures.  Please make sure to tag myself and Crossfit TakeOver in your social media posts. @KP_Aerialist and @Crossfit_TakeOver

Is it safe?

100% !  The rigging itself is rated for at least 5,000 lb dynamic loads, and there are soft cushy mats under you.

Why is the class size limited?

I prefer to give everyone adequate attention, this is not a workout you can give class instruction on once let everyone have at it.  Cats clawing at curtains comes to mind.

How do I sign up?

Email me or direct message me on any social media platform to ensure space is still available in the class, payment is required to reserve space.

How do you take payments?

Venmo @kelseypoitras or

PayPal (friends & family option)

Cash: on case by case basis


Since space is limited and payment is required to reserve your space in class, refunds are only available within 48 hours of your scheduled class.